The continent of Afyon is split between rival Warlock Kings and the few kingdoms that resist them. In the Plains of Chan, the Great Kingdom has arisen and seeks to bend all rivals to its bidding. Opposed by the citystate of Viir, the kingdom of Oriel and the Duchy of Amara, the Great King strives to force all the Vicars to join him. Yet each of the Warlock Kings serves a different Outer One, and the Gods of Afyon resist all of them, and so the land is riven with dissent.

Fall of the Warlock Kings is a 4th Edition D&D game involving 6 players that starts now. The characters are AWOL soldiers from the Army of the Great King, hiding across the border behind a strong fortress city and trying to live their lives, rich with the loot of a stolen pay chest. They think they are safe, as the Great King, like all the Warlock Kings, seems to be afflicted with some sort of loss of power or activity, but then the Army surges forward again, and suddenly the characters find they’ve got some rather serious trouble coming their way…

Fall of the Warlock Kings

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