Fall of the Warlock Kings

Death of a Goddess

Some back and forth results in more than one bad end

The King, disagreeable the next morning that nothing has been done, is persuaded that it was all part of a ploy. He is convinced to allow him death to be faked, and talks to the priests to summon a storm. This storm working, the characters return to the catacomb, and there convince the Vicar that the King is dead. He fills the gem with his power, and wisely the characters do not touch it. But they take it to the King, who also does not dare touch it, and is afraid to visit the Sea King’s Daughter, his wife, for fear of how old he will have become. So the characters are sent instead, bearing their treasure, and they meet, briefly, the Goddess, who indicates that she is more than willing to accept a gift from her husband, but not from them. Evil sea beasts attack, and after it is over, they flee back to shore. They tell the King of the message, and he insists that they come with him to the island. Once there, he is killed, and she takes up the gem, falling at once back into the water, as if something grim has happened. Haltar dives in after her, in fish form, and in the depths of the sea encounters various Avatars, all of whom, innocent and bit dumb, are easily convinved to try to help what Haltar assumes is the Sea King’s Daughter, a white glowing cocoon of energy. Each touches it, causing it to compact around the form inside. Meanwhile, on land, shining energy beams down at the palace where the Vicar is, intense and devestating, but growing weaker by jumps. At last, it fades, just as under the sea, the cocoon resolves into something not quite human, and definitely not the Goddess. Haltar never surfaces. The others rally the Osprey as it passes, and they make for further ports in the face of terrible weather.


vanheejason vanheejason

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