Fall of the Warlock Kings

On to Lucent

The conspiracy is revealed, and no one really cares

As they returned to the docks, they could see the Osprey was already out to sea – barely – with a mob on the docks and more in amongst the few buildings. The group among the buildings came to confront them, headed by a starbreed male, but most of them were bullied off as they approached. The starbreed demanded the power that Grouse was carrying, and then, of course, a fight ensued. The breed transformed into Celestial energy and summoned various motes to defend itself, while trying to kill the party, who felled the few remaining minions and then defeated the ‘breed. About its neck was a diamond necklace embued with magical energy that seemed to be cursed. The mob on the docks was bullied out of the way in short order, and the ship returned to shore. Xerkos went to speak with the captain, while Grouse questioned the messenger, Finn, and both came up with interested details, that, combined with a couple followup interviews, led to a story. Finn had brought a message from the Great King to Lucent, but had been unable to pass through Wildwood, so had sought a ship, first (impossibly) in Viir, then (just too belatedly) in Kydon Kail, and at last, in Dorian Tal. They had heard about the change of owners of the Osprey, had slipped on board (the fate of the former captain is unknown, but presumed grim) and faked out both crew and new owners. They sought to take what the party assumed was one of the gems to the Warlock King in Lucent, and as this didn’t, in the end and with some divine questioning, seem too outlandish, they agreed to let the matter stand, with Miri softening up the captain to be absolutely sure of him, while Grouse and Xerkos intimidated the messenger to obtain much the same result, less pleasantly it must be admitted. On arriving in the Sea of Storms, they were met by a fine ship out of Lucent, who wished them a fair voyage and gave them a blessing that seemed to have made that wish into the truth. Lucent itself is a fair city, with a young and handsome elven king who will, of course, be disposed of the moment he is not longer young or handsome. He has imprisoned the Warlock King for some months now, since that figure started acting a bit strangely, and was willing to permit the message to be delivered so long as he was then able to take the gem and present it to his wife, the Sea King’s Daughter, as a gift. He is, it seems, perhaps on the very edge of losing her favor, and sensibly enough, is desperate to keep it.


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