Fall of the Warlock Kings

The Butcher Returns

As they flee Amara, chaos ensues

Returning with the Warlock King’s horde on a floating disc, they are rewarded by Juniper Amon with magical items suitable to their power and abilities. After a night’s rest, they hasten to the docks, but on the way spot the Butcher, alive once more and backed up by a gang of orcs and half orcs, in rivalrous boasting with a human group. Grouse sneaks up behind them, and then Xerkos challenges the Butcher, and a fight breaks out. The Butcher takes the worst of it in the inital moments of surprise, and is quickly slaughtered, though his followers prove more durable. As the last of the orc band are being eliminated, the humans strike, attacking our deserters to take advantage of their weakened state. Their leader, a hexer, transforms Haltar, Soreaii and Grouse in turn into small animals, but it isn’t enough to defeat Xerkos, who simply plows onward, smiting his foes and eventually leading his compatriots to victory. There has been no response from the local authorities, which is a bit confusing until they realize that the Butcher was not the only advance element in the city; other areas have been disrupted, just as the Army has been sighted in the distance. They make their way to their ship, which is fighting off refugees seeking to flee the city, and after boarding sail away quickly. The Butcher’s body, which they have brought with them, turns out to be missing a finger, something that means he may turn up again, sometime. They make good time to the north, toward Dorian Tal, until overnight a storm overtakes them, and batters the ship. They are forced to make landfall at a small island to make repairs, and there, in the dawning light, spot something not at all human ashore…


vanheejason vanheejason

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