Fall of the Warlock Kings

The Crazed Priest

His service to the Gods is certain, but is his mind?

Ashore on the forlorn isle, they encounter a mass of elemental beings in a savage fight at the water’s edge. They win the battle, though, and see a sort of trail leading into the center of the isle, but are ambushed by a powerful air spirit on the way. The creature’s unusual tactics (flying, really) make it difficult to defeat, though it isn’t so very powerful. Eventually, it falls before them, and they come to a dell in the midst of the rocky islet, where a small hut is occupied by a crazed Dwarven priest of the Queen of the Sky. He relates that the gods are taking a more active role now, and that he has been chosen to be the voice/vessel/something of the Sky Goddess. The party, not quite knowing what to do with him and uncertain lest he summon more elememntal protectors, persuade him to come along with them to Dorian Tal, to impress the King there with his fervor. They return to the ship, where repairs are undertaken rapidly, and then sail north to the capitol, where they discover quarentine flags. The city, it seems, is beset by Green Fever, a fae plague last seen in the days of the Second Unveiling, and one which, it is likely, does not affect the fae at all. They are forced to reroute to a small port around the headland and cut overland, with the crazed priest in the lead. It is a quiet voyage, as the land seems abandoned, or in hiding, and then they are attacked by mobile plants as they descend toward Dorian Tal. The plants drag root bundles behind them, bundles which are actually the remnants of bodies, various bodies all together. They manage to kill the things, and hasten past plague fires and into the city, where it seems all the Alfar have fled or been killed, as suspsected of bringing the plague. They seek an audience with the King, who hears their messages from the last few stops and points out his difficulty in sending troops, since there is plague in his lands. But he offers them a reward for all their good works, all the same, and suggests that perhaps he will try to send his forces south, with his son and heir in command, as the troops will likely be coming for his city anyway, so it is perhaps best to stop them ahead of time. The party takes a night of rest, to think about their request for reward…


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