Fall of the Warlock Kings

The Osprey

A ship, a captain, a message

The debate rages for some time, until at last they decide they want a ship. The king, presented with this notion, is resistant at first, but after some persuasion he comes around. Orders are sent, commands made, preparations set to, and within a rather short while, the characters are on their way to their new ship, the Osprey. They are met there by the captain, a dragonborn sailor in charge of a mainly human crew, who says that they have a pre-existing job, transporting a messenger to Lucent all the way on the far side of the continent. He also explains that one of the six must be the final master of the ship, the choice falling to Xerkos, and that in no case can the master ever interfere while they are at sea. The characters are shown to cabins, they meet the messenger briefly, and they sail away. All around the Farthest Shore they sail, into seas where ice islands menance them, and on the shore they see at times small settlements of fur tents, and in one place, a massive fire where right at the shore, which some claim has been caused by the burning of Mephis when their Infernal Vicar fell, creating a fire that has never died out. They sailed onwards, Grouse trying to learn about the ship, but the rest trying, at the captain’s grumpy advising, to stay out of the way.


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