Fall of the Warlock Kings

The Sylean Oracle

In which they are the subject of Destiny's attentions, for good or ill

They sail to Sylea, arriving at the port to see that several persons have been sacrificed in the ancient fashion, hung in cages over the sea, to propitiate the Sea King, who must be angry at the death of his daughter. As they dock, they are identified as mainly divines, and told that Destiny wishes them to serve Her, that an oracle has been fortold that the next divines to dock at the port must be brought to the temple of Destiny. They are taken there, and told that Destiny’s priests, long ago, set aside something for times of trouble, times like now, and that the oracle has revealed that the divines must fetch it. They will be rewarded if they do. They are taken to a guesthouse, and seek their own inspiration about what should be done, which eventually convinces them to help Destiny’s temple. The secret lies in catacombs under the guest house itself, and has sadly fallen to darker powers over the intervening centuries, they are told, and they enter and explore, finding a chamber with demons that spew corrosive blood, who they defeat handily and then ready themselves to move deeper inward.


vanheejason vanheejason

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