Fall of the Warlock Kings

The Wrong Choice?

In which they destroy the faith of a temple

Continuing in the catacombs beneath Destiny’s guest house, they confront shifting demons with fierce necrotic attacks, but defeat them without too much difficulty. The next chamber is a small space with mirrors on the wall, though, and from the mirrors climb duplicates of the heroes, who attack them, and if killed, harm those they mimic. Shattered mirrors form into glassine monsters who slice up all those who approach them, and the chamber is a perilous one to fight through. But they pass by with effort, and come to the final chamber, where a large scale holds two seemingly equal weights. If they are not equal, no one can discern the difference. They debate for a time what to do, but then Xerkos decides that Urgar should shoot one of the weights off the scale and see what happens. The shot is made, some gears clank, and horror is unleashed in Destiny’s temple, with much of it collapsing and much death and mayhem. They switch the weights and part of the temple collapses further, suggesting a hidden chamber under the base of the temple, but it is buried in the rubble of the fall. So there is nothing left to do, as the acolytes and devotees decalre their faith has failed and they must bow to the Vicar, but leave the city. The captain of the ship has a cargo of weapons that the kobolds serving Cruelty would pay well for; it is decided, based on the newer members of the group’s objections, that this isn’t a good idea, and they should instead just sail for Viir as they had planned, though they now know no ship has sailed from that port yet in the season, and thus something strange is occurring there.


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