Fall of the Warlock Kings

Visiting the Astronomer

Much is revealed

Grouse, working with the sailors, overhears some of them mentioning that the new captain isn’t so bad, and the characters wonder what exactly was meant by that, but events move along before they can decide what to do. The City of Night was meant to be the next destination port, and in time a settlement hove to over the horizon, a small rabble of structures around a couple of long docks. The ship made for port and was met there by a starbreed woman, who said she had been told they were arriving, and that she was to take them to the Astronomer, the Warlock King of Noctis, the City of Night. She warned them that the path might be dangerous; celestial energies were bleeding out and forming up into monsters. Indeed, they were attacked twice on the way overland to the city, a trip of perhaps two miles at most, indicating that there was in fact some serious amount of bleeding energies. The city itself was more of a scattered cluster of strange and unusual buildings, with odd occupants of all races. In the midst of the chaos was a massive domed structure, the home of the Astronomer, and his observatory. They were brought in to him at once, and met him in a vast chamber where he sat, with a large shouded item beside him, an uncovered surface facing his chair but not very visible from before him. He was an ancient orc, and he revealed much, though in hints and suggestions to some degree. Mainly that the Outer Ones all seemed to want to come into Afyon, because, perhaps, things were changing in their own realms, changing in ways they could not tolerate. As there were 18 gods, so there were 18 Outer Ones who sought entry into the world, and who would, given the chance, displace the gods. The Astronomer had mananged to hold off his Outer One’s advances by constructing a magical mirror that held the thing fascinated with itself, and would probably keep it from intruding too much into the world. He had recieved a diamond from the Great King some time ago, but had not used it, and in fact cast it wastefully at the feet of Grouse, who took it up at once. Despite being warned, Grouse later gazed into the mirror, and found himself trapped in the mental embrace of a horror, which he snapped out of before matters became too dire. The Astronomer suggested that the Osprey was about to leave, with or without the characters, and so they should perhaps hurry back to the port, before it was too late. They departed.


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