Hobgoblin Druid


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Haltar, ever since he was a little hobgoblin, has always heard the call. Not the call from one of the gods wanting him to spread it’s Word. Nor the call of the Outer Ones that have given power to the Vicars that have rule the people of this land. No, the call Haltar has heard for most of his life came from the land itself. The land called and he answered the best way he could.

He followed his father, a leader among their small village hidden in the Wild Wood, and became a druid. He learned to understand the balance that his people strive to keep with nature in order to survive. He was on his way to becoming the leader for the village when his father would be to weak to carry on. Then his father gave him a task.

Haltar was sent to Carnelian by his father. Still young in years, Haltar took this trip as a great responsibility. He was told he was sent there to learn how the cities outside of Wild Wood work with the land. He wasn’t happy with what he saw and wanted to go back home, but fought the urge. A true hobgoblin like him stands up to a challenge. Not whimper and hide like a lowly goblin. So he stayed within the city for years waiting to hear word from his father. Word never came. Soon word came that no one was making contact with anyone within the Wild Wood. Haltar lost all hope.

After getting in a fight with a couple of tieflings, Haltar was arrested and forced into the Army of the Great King. There he has been ever since, until him and a few other drinking buddies came up with the idea of going AWOL.


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