Captain Rokosa

Attache to the General of the Hobgoblin Legion, Army of the Great King


A fighter, armed with a flaming two handed sword, wearing plate mail.


He was much taken with the singing of pretty Miri when he met her master Lieutenant Kurthose once, and asked if he could have her. The lt. was only too pleased to pass her on to such an important man, who desired her, but would never touch her, because she was human. But when word came to a druid named Haltar, as it did to many hobgoblins, that the paychest for the Army was finally coming in, and that Captain Rokosa would have custody of it, he decided with a band of others to steal it, and so Rokosa has faced the wrath of his mistress the General, and also the loss of his songbird, Miri, who fled with, or was kidnapped by, the thieves.

Captain Rokosa

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