General Malama

Commander of the Hobgoblin Legion, third in command behind the Great King and the Legate of the Army of the Great King


An older female hobgoblin who uses spears. She is an avenger, devoted to the Builder.


She has risen through the ranks based on talent and skill, and knows that she is better than just about anyone at what she does. But still, because she is a woman and a priest, there are many male hobgoblins who think she is only the tool of the Matriarch, though she serves a different goddess. For some months now, in the inactivity of the Great King, she has been second in command of the Army of the Great King, and there are those who think that the Legate will attempt to start guiding the whole of the Great Kingdom, and leave Malama in charge of the Army on her own.

General Malama

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