There are eighteen gods in Afyon, plus severals outsiders who are important in varying degrees. The gods are divided into the 6 Great, 6 Lesser, and 6 Least, and are as follows:

The Sea King, The Sky Queen, The Earth Mother, The Silent Lord, The Lord of War, Destiny

The Lord Builder, The Twins, The Huntress, The Winged Traveler, The Lady of Health, The Smiling God

The Sun, The Moon, The Sisters, The Lady of Sorrows, The Drunken Lady, The Sea King’s Daughter

All of these 18 have similar temples and rites, recongnizably part of one great pantheon. While the particular ceremonies of the Sky Queen might be different from those of the Smiling God, each would seem in essence familiar to a worshipper of either god. And in any case, most of the inhabitants of the world worship many or all of the gods as the time dictates, offering to the Sea King before a voyage and to the Lady of Health in time of illness.

The outsiders include Tousalar, God King of Tousalar’s Empire across the Southern Ocean; Tiam, Winged Goddess of Dragons; Ruzzor, Tiam’s son, or consort; and Lillan the Fleet, often thought to be an aspect of the Smiling God. Each of these gods has stranger, more alien rites, known to some or many of the people of Afyon, but not to all. Many would be made uncomfortable by watching or participating in these foreign rites, and so, with the exception of Tiam, the foreign gods have made little progress.


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