Fall of the Warlock Kings

Into the Catacomb

Diamonds aren't a Warlock's best friend

The following morning, the King sees the party and gives them his banner to carry into the catacombs where the Warlock King is kept under watch. They go, and are warned that the servants assigned inside often do not want to leave, though the guards seem relatively normal. Various locked doors are opened and then locked behind them, and then they are in chambers filled with mumbling servants, undead, traps, and apprentice Warlocks, all of whom seem hostile. Fights ensue, and eventually they find their way to the Warlock King, encircled by starlight underground. He is obviously a little disturbed, and when the messenger Finn presents his message tube, he is destroyed by the Warlock King’s power. It appears that the banner actually keeps the Warlock King from striking out at those behind it, and so the party can negotiate with him. He turns down the diamond, dropping it at his feet, and asks the party to kill the elf king for him, because then, he insists, everything will be different. It appears that before the new king is chosen, there will be a moment of weakness, which the party thinks might also overcome the Warlock King himself when his patron surges at him. But the Warlock King assures them this is not the case, and asks again for them to kill the king. They refuse. A trade of the diamond, kicked out by the Vicar, for the banner, destroyed by his magic, is made, and the party retreats, somewhat surprised to not have been destroyed.


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